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Ask About Frameless Shower Doors in Atlanta

Install Frameless Shower Doors from Renu Atlanta

Has it been a long time since you redecorated your bathroom? Maybe it’s time to go a step further and try a full bathroom remodel! If the time has come to redesign your Atlanta bathroom, call in the experts for some help. Renu Atlanta has you covered with all the glass products you could need, even sleek and modern frameless shower doors. While we offer all kinds of glass shower doors, our customers rave about our frameless options. Thinking about going frameless? Learn more about our original frameless shower doors and what makes them appealing.

What Is a Frameless Shower Door from Renu Atlanta?

Frameless shower doors are among the top choices for homeowners wanting to give their space an air of modernity. These glass shower doors enclose the shower on multiple sides and tend to be much sturdier than typical framed shower doors. Frameless doors also won’t wobble while opening or closing, making them some of the easiest units to operate. Moreover, frameless doors are an excellent choice aesthetically. You won’t need to look at unsightly metal framing, nor will you need to worry about dirt and limescale building up in the door’s structure. These sliding glass shower doors are ideal for Atlanta homes, but we also offer them to commercial clients.

What Kinds of Frameless Shower Doors Are Available?

When you choose Renu Atlanta for frameless shower doors, you’ll have no shortage of options. We can customize your walk-in shower to your preferences and size specifications. If you need help making a choice between a shower screen, sliding glass shower door, or any combination of the options listed below, don’t hesitate to talk to our staff! The types of doors we have available in Atlanta include:

Frameless shower door
  • Frameless Shower Screen – This is a customized glass screen wall that provides a see through barrier with no door.
  • Inline Frameless Shower Door – This is glass door panel that is connected at a 180-degree angle to one or more glass panels that is on either side of door.
  • Single Frameless Shower Door – This is a single glass door that connects on to the surrounding walls in shower.
  • 90-Degree Frameless Shower Door – This is a 90-degree shower door connecting to another panel at a 90-degree angle, forming a corner.
  • Neo-Angle Frameless Shower Door -This is a type of corner shower enclosure that gives angular bathroom space by having many design variations.
  • Frameless Steam Shower Enclosure – This is made up of 3/8″ to 1/2″ tempered and polished safety glass to enclose the shower. This glass enclosure is extremely strong and durable which does not require metal framing around it.
  • Frameless Shower Door with Header – This is a support header relieves some of the tension to prevent weakening of the glass-to-glass connection over time. Headers are not necessary if the glass door attaches into a wall.

ShowerGuard Glass Coating Highly Recommended

ShowerGuard keeps your shower looking good for a long time with no deep cleaning or high maintenance needed. There are many elements such as hard water, humidity, heat, soap along with cleaning supplies that can harm the shower glass appearance and cause corrosion. With ShowerGuard your mind is at ease as all these elements are kept away and your shower glass looks great for a very long time.

A Quick Installation Process from the Professionals

If you’re getting serious about a frameless shower door from Renu Atlanta, you may wonder how long you can expect the installation process to take. As with our mirrors and closet systems, we strive to keep the installation process quick and hassle-free. In most cases, we can have your frameless shower door installed within a few hours. If you’ve ordered a full walk-in shower, the process may last closer to a full day. Although it can be tempting to install a frameless glass door yourself, we encourage you to call your Atlanta professionals. Installation is a tricky process, and you don’t want to risk chipping or breaking the glass!

How Can I Maintain My Frameless Shower Doors?

Many of our Atlanta clients erroneously believe a frameless glass shower will be more difficult to clean or will need scrubbing more often. However, a glass walk-in shower actually takes less effort when it comes to tidying up. While bathtubs and typical shower units need deep scrubbing to thoroughly clean, your frameless glass shower door will look good as new after a quick squeegee use. Simply wipe down the glass after each shower use to eliminate unsightly water spots or limescale buildup. The team at Renu Atlanta can also recommend surface protectors to help keep water off the glass. Combined with regular squeegee use, surface protectors will have your glass door looking like it did the day your friends at Renu installed it.

Be Sure to Avoid Harmful Chemicals When Cleaning Glass

Not all glass cleaners are created equal. We’ve seen the best ways to keep your frameless shower door clean, but you may need a stronger glass cleaner in some cases. If you decide to use one on your walk-in shower, make sure it’s ammonia-free. Cleaners with ammonia will damage the hardware over time. If you have questions about which cleaning supplies are safe to use, be sure to ask the professionals at Renu Atlanta. We’re always happy to help keep your Atlanta home looking its best.

Consult with Our Team of Designers in Atlanta

Convinced by the sleek look of frameless shower doors? Whether you’re interested in our sliding doors or walk-in showers, the team at Renu Atlanta is ready to get started on your installation. We even offer free online consultations, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting before you commit. While you’re browsing our shower doors, feel free to peruse our additional services, which include handrails and unique décor and backsplashes. Whatever product inspires you to remodel your space, Renu Atlanta can help design your space around it. Contact us to set up your free online consultation today!

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